Domestic Cleaning Service

Domestic Cleaning

Give us a call and arrange regular domestic cleaning anywhere in PERTH  You take pride in your home, but you have better things to do than scrub, scour and dust. There’s a simple answer.  Book a PROFESSIONAL and insured cleaner who will come at your home as many times as you want and take on the chores that dulls you.

Set up your cleaning as often as you need it, it could be as rarely as once a month or as often as once a week… Enjoy a hygienic kitchen, a sweet smelling bathroom and a dust free dining room.

Give yourself  a day offLet us take care of the housework

Hard to believe, but our cleaners really love housework! Our cleaners are recruited and trained and ready for work. Instead of spending your weekends slaving away, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it. See our list of services below and get your weekend back.


At omx cleaning Service, .we take customer service to the highest level, as well as, offering customized cleaning schedules based on your needs.

Other Home Cleaning Packages we can provide