Strip & seal vinyl floor

Strip & seal vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring looks very attractive, polished, and has a shiny effect in itself. Strip and sealing is done to help the floor breath a new life by scrubbing off the old sealer and reviving it with the new seal. Removing the old sealer helps you get rid of the hidden dust and residue of your floor. Before applying the new coat or layer, we make sure that the original layer of the surface is cleaned thoroughly.

Vinyl stripping and sealing are made up of synthetic materials which makes it easier to clean. Your floor won’t need any heavy maintenance beyond general sweeping and mopping.

Vinyl flooring is more water-resistant than linoleum floors which means that your floor is indestructible by any exposure to liquid.

Strip & seal vinyl floors are cheaper, affordable, and durable as the service is required only once in a year or two, depending upon the condition of the floor.

The installation of the vinyl flooring is so easy that you can even do it on your own or call for professional help, as per your suitability.

Strip & seal vinyl floor helps to reduce the marks, stains, and scratches and withstands humidity as well which obviously makes your floor look more attractive. Strip & seal vinyl floor helps to prevent the scraping or wearing of the floor and also guards against the further bacterial penetration.

OMX cleaning services provide you with the best professional Strip & seal vinyl floor facility at reasonable and affordable prices and gives your floor a quick and fresh look.

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