Vacate Cleaning Service


Moving out can really be a stressful situation as it is, l. We at PERTH Vacate help you to reduce the stress and labor by professionally cleaning the premises for you. We use high-quality cleaning products and professional cleaning equipment to leave your place squeaky clean. We are the experts in VACATE OR END OF THE LEASE CLEANING We at Vacate Cleaning services have professional, trained and experienced cleaners, who pay attention to details and clean even the difficult to reach areas to leave your house spotless. All our vacate cleaners are police verified and fully insured. So, you can leave your cleaning on us without any worries of getting anything damaged. Our professional vacate cleaning services and friendly cleaners is what makes us stand out of the crowd.


Price Start From $35/hr

Limited Time Offer 31/10/2019

  • Mold prevention
  • Extends the life of your home
  • Removal of Tough Stains
  • Increased Occupancy Rate
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Enhances overall appearance of the room

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